Overton Capital Corp. (“Overton”) is a Dallas, Texas based specialty investment firm that provides investment banking and corporate advisory services to middle market companies including issuers and offering sponsors of unregistered securities.


At our core we are financiers and investors specializing in oil and gas, real estate, manufacturing, food and beverage, specialty distribution, franchises, and business service sectors.

Our clients, both public and private companies, are in search of growth capital, usually in amounts ranging from $10 million to $125 million.

We source capital from investors including private equity firms, hedge funds, endowments, pensions, insurance companies, family offices, high net worth individuals and accredited investors.

The Jobs Act which became law in 2012 expanded the universe of potential investors in unregistered securities to include individual investors. These investors now have access to many alternative investments once available only to institutions.
This magnitude of recent changes in the capital markets was made possible by the innovations of new Fintech technologies that makes the private placement process for individual investors manageable, transparent and more cost effective. Having the ability to source capital through individuals both accredited and non-accredited using unregistered securities adds flexibility and optionality to all clients working with Overton.